The objective of this chapter is to provide a comprehensive picture of what needs to be addressed before a PPP project can be successfully launched on the market.

Key Themes: 10 Step Guide – Assessment – Preliminary Considerations

The 10 Step guide, detailed in this chapter, is used to ensure an effective project appraisal and sets out the issues involved in the preparation of a PPP “outline business case” document. The preparation of this document, following the required analysis, is a discipline that enables an assessment to be made by an authority as to whether the project is sufficiently well developed. This ensures a strong competitive market response that will meet the authority’s requirements. The key outcome of this guide is to provide the authority with an understanding of existing needs, establish the project objectives, and examine the range of options to identify the most effective PPP procurement approach. After this has been established, key steps such as risk allocation, timetabling and tendering need to be addressed.