This module has been prepared to provide background and lessons learnt from the reef of experience for decision and policy makers developing strategies for Small Island Developing States (SIDS), seeking to transition their sea transport to low carbon options. We have focused on the situation as it exists for Pacific Island Countries but the information in this module has direct relevance to all SIDS and many Less Developed Countries (LDCs).

This module contains eight chapters, each covering a separate theme. There are additional resource materials including PowerPoint presentations for each section, fact sheets which summarize key information and provide case examples, a glossary and list of acronyms, a reference list and bibliography, and links to useful websites.

You can access all chapters including additional resource materials by clicking on the chapters below. Alternatively, you can download the full module and the full appendix further down.

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Watch two videos about Sea Transport in SIDS by Dr. Peter Nutall below: