Climate Change Impacts on Coastal Transport Infrastructure in the Caribbean: Enhancing the Adaptive Capacity of Small Island Developing States Project


UNCTAD provides an intensive professional program for the Secretariat and the members of National Trade Facilitation Committees (NTFCs). The main objective is to help them implement, in a coordinated manner, trade facilitation reforms, including the provisions of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA).
After successful completion of UNCTAD’s Empowerment Program, members of the National Trade Facilitation Committee will be granted an UNCTAD certification of completion. The empowered NTFCs will be featured in UNCTAD’s online repository on NTFCs.



Courses developed by international experts and in collaboration with other UN and international organisations

  • Content tailor-made to country specific needs
  • Online support and face-to-face trainings
  • Interactive methodology: “learning by doing”
  • Technical visits in the field
  • Training-of-Trainers module included
  • A flexible modular approach



  • Establishing the National Trade Facilitation Committee (NTFCs), if required.
  • Improving teamwork dynamics within the NTFC
  • Launching a National Trade Facilitation Roadmap to mainstream trade facilitation beyond the WTO TFA
  • Ensuring knowledge transfer thanks to the Training-of-Trainers approach
  • Providing a sign of quality for donors and international agencies



For further information on UNCTAD’s work in this area, please visit UNCTAD’s Trade Facilitation website: